Salt Versus Chlorine in Pools

In Ground Pools or Above Ground Pools – Same Question You love your outdoor pool, but hate the way your kids come out the water with red, itchy eyes and having the heavy smell of chlorine on their skin. The chlorine pool is doing more than killing off the algae. It is also damaging their … Read more

3 Tips To Keep Safe On Your Scooter

  Scooters are the little motorcycles of the streets. We’ve all seen some celebrity in a movie driving a scooter, weaving in and out of traffic as they go from point A to point B in a matter of minutes. You’ve driven go-karts at entertainment parks and rode on an ATV along bumpy dirt tracks. … Read more

Licensing Rules To Drive A 50cc Scooter

Scooter Sizes Scooters come in all shapes, sizes and speeds. This type of adult transportation was made for people to get to their destination along city streets while enjoying the fresh air in their faces. Equipped with a motor, a scooter gives a gentler ride to the driver who isn’t looking to have a motorcycle … Read more